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Nov 08 2010 | By Fabien | Comments (off)
Welcome on my personnal web site.

My name is Fabien Tschirhart, bornt in 1985 in Evry (Paris suburb), where I am still living.

From 2000 to 2007, I've been working in various video game modding & amateur teams as a level designer and as project leader.

Two years ago

This site's first purpose was to lay some of my previous work : levels or games i've been working on.

Although French is my native language, I will try to lay some content in English ; nevertheless, I often do mistakes with grammar and I hope that I will still be understandable to everyone.
Some of the available documents are already in French ; I am sorry but they won't be translated, but for some of them, English equivalent can be easily found.

In novembre of 2009 i've just passed my Master Degree in Multimedia & Interactive Animation. The following year I started my Ph.D in Science and Technology of Art.

From 2010 to ...

Now, am preparing a Ph.D in Sciences and Technology of Arts (with a specialisation in Artificial Intelligence) at the EDESTA of Paris VIII, in the I.N.R.E.V laboratory.

My Ph.D Thesis deal about the use of Artificial Intelligence for the psychology of crowd.

My Mémoire is available in the docs section of this site. It shows a part of the preparation of my actual work in Artficial Intelligence during my Ph.D.

I am for the share of knowledges and informations, so I'll try to lay out a maximum of documentations and publications i'll be able to show you.

Thanks for your visit and feel free to contact me, leaving a comment next to this message or using the contact link in the right corner.