Around my past
Jan 06 2008 | By Fabien | Comments (off)
As a lot of the actual developers did, I started playing video game at my youngest age and spent a lot of time on the old school games such as Maniac Mansion, Another World, Battle Isle, Dune, Wolfenstein 3D or even Bubble Bobble ; I tried myself with coding in BASIC language, but never did anything serious in those early ages.

My biggest luck was to have two grand brothers who tried level design with Doom 2, using DCK or DoomEdit ; I followed them, and did my first levels ever, it was my first step in the level designing. I didn't know at that time that i was going to have a few more.

It's only with Quake 3 Arena, released in 1999, that I started more serious level design, I was older and ready to learn all by myself (though it's still my brothers who launched me, once again) joining the Quake 3 World Community and their Level Editing forum where I met many people who taught me all the basics as well as some advanced notions ; this is there that everything started for me.
I spent some time making maps, learning various processions, talking with theses experienced people ; nowadays, many of them are working for famous companies such as Splash Damage, Raven Software, 3DRealms or Environment Software, I wish them to keep their position or to make headway.

One day, I received a mail from Lee Vermeulen, from Alientrap Software, he wanted me to join his team as a level designer, for their game, Nexuiz.
Of course, as anyone would have do, I accepted ; It was my first team ever, we were in 2001.
Nexuiz is a 3D Deathmatch game, Vermeulen wanted it to looks like Quake, but it finally looks like Unreal Tournament, first of the sequel ; however, it works with an advanced 3D engine made by Forest Hale, this engine supported the new generation features like normal mapping, real time lighting and dynamic shadows, it was a real pleasure to discover theses features before a lot of people (We are around 2002) who are still waiting for Doom 3 to discover real time shadow casting. Of course, we were not as skilled as the Id Software level designers, but we were still having fun making maps and playing around with lighting and shadows !

Finally, Nexuiz has been released after Doom 3 since the first version was available for download the May 31st 2005. I was disappointed with that late release, and found that the team organization wasn't good, no milestone, no defined goals, just make maps and we will add them to the final game if they works with... It's not the way I expect a game development to happens. So when i saw that Zymotic, the new project, was heading the same way, I left the team and joined a french team : Requiem Team, which was working on a remake of the famous game : Requiem Avenging Angel ; this remake was going to be a Total Conversion Mod for Quake 4. It was a really up and coming project and the guys their had the skills to carry on the large amount of work there is to achieve. I was the Project Leader and Lead Level Designer on this project but unfortunately I have to slacken my activity on the project to focus on my studies...

As I stated on my home page, I am now preparing a Ph.D in Sciences and Technology of Arts (with a specialisation in Artificial Intelligence).

Separately, I practice a lot of sport, especially fighting sport and martial arts. First started with Judo & Ju-Jitsu at the age of 7, and then, once I've been older I oriented myself on Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Grappling.
Now I am an instructor in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and I practice fighting following the M.M.A way. Using echniques from any discipline, just taking what I think is good. My only goal being : to progress.

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